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How to inquiry PTC Heaters with DXM


http://www.dxmht.com/products/heaters/ptc-heater.htmDear Valued customers:

PTC heaters or ceramic heaters are applied in many many products now.
When you are inquirying the PTC heaters or ceramic heaters with us,please kindly help to state below points to us clearly,
so that we could make offers to you more accurate and faster.
1.please kindly advise us which type of the PTC heater do you need?
Do you need not only the PTC element, but also the whole PTC heater (including the aluminum cartridge , Kapton paper, lead wire ?)
Or do you have drawing or picture of your required product?
It is the best if you have the drawing or picture for better quotation.
2.what's the working voltage of the PTC heater do you need?
3.what's the resistance of ceramic heater do you need?
4.What's the surface temperature of ceramic heater element do you need?
5.What's the wattage of the ptc heater do you need?
Accurate wattage can only be get after being assembled onto your final product.
Power difference is very big under different Heat dissipation condition.
6.Do you have requirement on the INRUSH CURRENT of the PTC heater?
7.What's the Dimension of the PTC heater or ceramic heater do you need?
If you need lead wire,
8.what's the model number of the lead wire do you need?
Is normal lead wire UL1332 OK for you?
Or do you have any other requirement on the lead wire?
9.And what's the lead wire length of PTC Heaters do you need?
is the standard lead length 200mm ok for you?

10.Please kindly advise us your annual estimated order quantity.The more quantity of PTC Heaters,the more cheaper.
Normally our MOQ is 10Kpcs at least.

By the way,We have the existed rectangle PTC heater as below:
1.PTC heating element
Working voltage:220V
Surface temperature:245C

2.PTC Heater
Working voltage:110V
Surface temperature:290℃+-5℃
Inrush current:≤4A
Lead wire length:Around 100mm
Outside:Aluminum cartridge
Coat:Kapton paper

Please kindly advise if it is OK for you?

And we can customize PTC heaters or ceramic heaters according to customer's requirement.
Please feel free to contact with us if you need any fan heaters,PTC Heaters,ceramic heater element or any other heaters any time.We will try our best to serve you good quality product with the most competitive price.