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Market demand helped for technical improvement of thermal resistor


Along with the function growing of various Electronic Parts, hot issue of equipment is paid the highest attention by people in the world now,more and more probe temperature sensor are used for temperature sensing and over heat protection.

As a type of relatively mature thermal sensors sensitive components developed earlier,thermistors are widely applied in the electronic equipments for temperature sensing, temperature compensation and control, overheating and over-current protection.

Seen from the current situation,the market of thermal resistor held steady basic situation, on the one hand, because of the price fluctuation of Thermistorsis not so big,on the other hand just because more and more competitors join, exacerbated the impact of low-end market.

Experts' advice on how to choose the PTC Thermistors and NTC Thermistors:
At present, the market of PTC Thermistors and NTC thermistors presents a trend of steady rise.But how to choose and apply them into the actual products? The experts advise can consider product selection from this:
1.can choose NTC Thermistor if you need precise temperature sensing and measurement.
2.can use PTC Thermistor to make the circuit more simple if you only need overheating protection for a certain temperature point.
3.NTC Thermistor is a good choice if only on the purpose of temperature sensing for a single hot spot.
4.but if there are a lot of hot spots and need to be control inspection, you can consider to use PTC Thermistors.
Because the PTC Thermistor can be simplely assembled next to the heat source, multiple PTC Thermistors can be series into a loop, any abnormal over heat can be detected simplyly.

Different demand on thermal resistors in different market.
There is significant difference on the market demand of thermal resistor in different industries and fields.
Details are as below:
1.Auto industry will appear a lot of demand for heat temperature sensor corresponding products that are more than 150 degrees high temperature.
2.Mobile phones and other consumer electronic products remain the same trend in miniaturization and high precision.
3.high precision, encapsulation products will be favorred increasingly in the field of industrial automation.
3.And PTC thermistor as an important component of overheating protection, which will be used in products that need more temperature point protection.

As the price competition is more and more intense in the market, and in order to meet different market demand at the same time, there is big challenge on the technology development of thermal resistors.

In the future, main technology development trend of Thermistors can be roughly classified into the following three points:
1.requirement on thermistors temperature sensing accuracy is higher and higher;Accurate temperature measurement can control the system more precised. And can prevent unnecessary energy waste.
2.The miniaturization of product size.
3.The diversity of product encapsulation.