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Other points must be pay attention to PTC Thermistors when using and storage


Freon, trichloroethane, or tetrachloroethylene mild detergent are suitable for cleaning PTC Thermistors, also can use the method of ultrasonic cleaning, but some detergent may damage the performance of the thermal resistor.


Should pay attention to that PTC thermistors are not damaged due to excessive heat.Must comply with the following the highest temperature, the longest time and minimum distance:
                                                                              Dip soldering                  iron welding
Temperature of welding pool                           max. 260 ℃     max. 360℃
Brazing time                                max. 10s       max. 5 s

The minimum distance from the PTC thermistor       min. 6mm       min. 6mm
In a bad soldering condition will cause the change of the resistance value.

3.Coating and Potting
When Coating and Potting the PTC thermistor, mechanical stress is not allowed due to the different thermal expansion in the processing of solidifying and after processing.Please use caution with potting material.It is not allowed to over the ceiling temperature of PTC thermistor during solidifying.In addition, be aware that, potting material must be chemically neutral.Reduction of Titanate Ceramics in the PTC thermistor may result in reduction of resistance and the loss of electrical performance.Due to the changes of thermal radiation condition caused by Potting,which may cause partial overheating on the PTC thermistor and cause its damaged.

4.Storage conditions and time limit
If stored properly, the storage period of PTC thermistor has no time limits.
In order to keep the solderability of PTC thermistor,they should be storaged in the circumstances without corrosive atmosphere , at the same time pay attention to the air humidity, temperature and container material.Components should be storaged in the original packaging as far as possible. .Touch on the metal cladding of not welding PTC thermistor may cause the degradation of weldable performance.Some specifications and product performance of thermal resistor or may be changed if exposure to moisture or under high temperature,such as solderability of tin lead etc..But thermistors can be long-term preservation if saved under the normal storage condition of electrical components.