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New dog collar with thermal resistor for temperature sensing


New dog collar with thermal resistor can send warning message when dog in abnormal temperature circumstance


In sorching summer, if leave the dog stay in the car alone is very irresponsible. In the middle of Year 2012, the company Rethink cooperated with Toronto Human Society Organization developed a new dog collar to solve such troubles. Rethink said they have assembled a thermal resistor and a SIM card inside the dog collar.Thermal resistor, is a kind PTC Thermistor that can be used for temperature sensing to the temperature of the dog, and SIM card can be used to send warning information to the dog owner when the dog temperature is more than Fahrenheit 79 (26  Celsius degrees).

This new product is with thermistor temperature sensor is still under testing but Rethink said they will promote it into market in year 2013.

Seen from this news,thermal resistor as a Temperature sensor in the dog collar is in small size and low heat capacity,but can display important role to detect temperature and protect your lovely dogs.