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What is NTC thermistor?

NTC thermistor (Negative Temperature Coefficient of resistance) is a kind of negative temperature coefficient thermistor, it is made through ceramic production technics and mainly made up of polycrystalline mixed metallic oxide material such as Mn, Co, Ni, Cu. These metallic oxides have semiconducting characteristics, because it has the same or similar electric conduction mode with the semiconducting material such as Ge, Si. When in low temperature, current carrier of oxide material (electronic and cavity) is in less number, it’s in high resistance; with the increase of temperature, quantity of current carrier increases, so resistance decreases accordingly. NTC thermistor can be widely used in surge current limiting, temperature measurement and control, temperature compensation etc. The resistance change range of NTC thermistor in room temperature is 10O~106Ω, temperature coefficient is -2%~-6.5%.