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Product name: PTC Fan Heating Element



PTC Fan Heating Element
Brief Introduction:
PTC fan heating element assembled with PTC element,electrode plate, radiator and  terminal,it depends on PTC elements as its heating resources that ensures a homogeneous heat transfer adjustable with air flowing volum.It is one kind of heater that is able to maintain automated temperature control and power saving.The heater terminals connected by receptacle or welding.

Main Application:
The heaters could be widely used in air-conditioners, drier, dryer, warm air generator, air-conditioner for both warm and cold temperature and automobiles.

Working principle:
When connecting with power,hot air blow generated by the high speed rotating motor fan assembled behind the PTC heating element is out continuously,which will take away the surface heat of radiator to achieve the purpose of continuous heating air.The bending area of heat sink fins is very big for good heat dissipation and very high electric conversion efficiency.The design allows an automatic regulation of the heating power and temperature within certain ranges,and can work continuously.Due to its own PTC R-T characteristics,the heating power could be changed when the wind speed is changed.DXM is providing a wide range of designs.

1.Automatic temperature control;
2.Comply with RoHS directive requirement,safe,secure and environmental protection;
3.Very high electric conversion efficiency;
4.By little effect on the power supply voltage;
5.Power adjustable and power saving;
6.High efficiency,stable,long natural life;
7.PTC heating element can make the wind temperature rapidly increased at the car fever heater outlet to achieve warming effect;
While no obvious hot air blow out at the ordinary car fever heater outlet after working in three minutes;
8.Can preheat starting car motor to avoid attrition effectively especially in Winter;
The efficiency is 1000times than no preheating winter start of the car motor;
9.Have different specification and size for customers' choice;
10.Power,dimension and connection of terminals are adjustable for all designs;
11.Products can also be custom made according to customers' specific requirements;
12.DXM is providing technical support to all customers on applying PTC fan heating element.

Remarks:our product varity is arious and not listed here,you are welcome to contact with us for details.Different electrical parameter and encapsulation mode can be custom made per client's requirement.
You can send us required specifications to info@dxmht.com or provide reference samples to our factory office:
And then samples&orders can be custom made per your requirement.