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Product name: NTC temperature sensor for water heater,coffee maker

Item: CWF series

NTC temperature sensor for water heater, coffee maker-CWF series

Brief Introduction:
Temperature sensor NTC thermistor CWF series have stability product performance,annual resistance drift rate ≤5‰, can work in long time with high reliability,they can be widely applied in temperature measurement and control of many electric home appliances.

NTC temperature sensor Application:
Applied in temperature measurement and control of:
water heater,coffee maker

1.  High precision resistance and B value,good consistancey,interchangeable
     (resistance and B value tolerance can be ±1%)
2.  High sensitivity,fast response,temperature resistance coefficient can be (2~5)%/℃
3.  High temperature measurement precision
4.  Can be encapsulated based on specific installation condition,convenient for users' installation
5.  Good insulation,anti bending and anti mechanical collision,high reliability

NTC temperature sensor parameters: