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Product name: NTC thermistor sensor for induction cooker

Item: CWF series

NTC thermistor sensor for induction cooker-CWF series

Brief Introduction:
Temperature sensor NTC thermistor CWF series have stability product performance,annual resistance drift rate ≤5‰, can work in long time with high reliability,they can be widely applied in temperature measurement and control of many electric home appliances.

NTC thermistor sensor Application:
Applied in temperature measurement and control of:
1. home air conditioner,automobile air conditioner
2. refrigerator,deep freezer
3. water heater,coffee maker,microwave oven,oven,induction cooker,soybean milk machine
4. barbecue fork, fryer
5. drinking machine,warm machine,dish washer,disinfection cabinet
6. washing machine,drying machine
7. Bathroom unit etc.

1. High precision resistance and B value,good consistancey,interchangeable
(resistance and B value tolerance can be ±1%)
2. High sensitivity,fast response,temperature resistance coefficient can be (2~5)%/℃
3. High temperature measurement precision
4. Can be encapsulated based on specific installation condition,convenient for users' installation
5. Good insulation,anti bending and anti mechanical collision, high reliability NTC thermistor sensor

NTC thermistor sensor parameters: