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Product name: PTC heater for Air Conditioning and Humidifiers

Item: MZ4 series

Brief Introduction:
Such PTC heater is the plate electrode wrapped with insulating materials, and then be pressed into aluminum tube with radiator.Because it has the characteristics of simple structure and low cost,which can be widely used in Air Conditioners and Humidifiers.

Working principle:
The hot pump working in cold and warm air-conditioner needs a magnetic four-way change valve to finish the switching of the cooling and warming cycles.However,the magnetic four-way valve and its auxiliary capillary is delicate and easy to be leakage.When being used below 0℃,it tends to be frosted,and the vaporizer can not absorb enough heat from the outside air to gasify the coolant,thus the working efficiency of hot pump is affected,heating generating is reduced.After using PTC heating element for air conditioner makes the product perfect with the advantages of rapid temperature rising,long working life,auto-temperature control,etc.This kind of PTC heaters are widely used in window type,separate type and also cabinet type air conditioners and central air-conditioning by famous air conditioner manufacturers in China and abroad.Designed with thermostate and fuses, protecting the air conditioner without getting any functional failure.

1.Constant heating;
2.Automatic temperature control;
3.High thermal conversion rate;
4.Llittle effect by the power supply voltage;
5. Safe and secure;
6.Insulated design,no fire hazard.
7.High efficiency,stable,long natural life; Low energy consumption,energy and cost saving;
8.Low starting temperature point,outstanding dehumidification and de-frosting performance;
9. Not sensitive to voltage fluctuating,and wide range of operating voltage: 12 - 240V;
10.Wide surface temperature: 80 - 280 degree Celsius ;
11.Can restore automatically after invalidation;
12.Not destroy the ozone layer;
13.Use environmental protection material,comply with RoHS directive.
14. Customized orders per customer's specifications available

Remarks:Except for the reference size and parameter above,different electrical parameter and encapsulation mode can be custom made per client's requirement.
You can send us required specifications to info@dxmht.com or provide reference samples to our factory office:
And then samples&orders can be custom made per your requirement.