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Product name: intelligent preheating starting PTCR for electronic ballasts and energy-saving lamps,MZ12 series

Item: 3H152

energy-saving and intelligent preheating starting PTCR for electronic ballasts and energy-saving lamps
(Combination of PTC & Varistor,No temperature-increasing or power-consuming after preheating)
Brief Introduction:
MZ 12 series of PTC thermistor is a new energy-saving and intelligent preheat starting PTCR for electronic ballasts and energy-saving lamps without temperature-increasing or power-consuming after preheating,which can prolong the on-off time and life of lamps greatly.meanwhile,it overcomes the shortcoming of temperature rising and power consumption which happen after preheat starting of the electronic ballasts and energy saving lamps.It increases luminous flux and lighting efficiency.All of these prove that it can be called another breakthrough revolution in the field of green lumination appliance!

PTC Thermistor Working principle:
When the high frequency shaking circuit loop has been put through, because PTC is in a cold state and Rt is in a low state of resistance, its resistance value is far lower than that of C2, and the light pressure is smaller than that of starting it. Then current through C1, RT forms the loop circuit-preheating filament. Meanwhile, PTC Thermistor is heated to above the Curie temperature, Rt heating temperature exceeding the switch temperature TSW and leaping to the state of high resistance too. Its resistance value is far higher than that of C2, and the current goes through C1, C2, forming the return circuit and causing LC resonance and producing high pressure and lighting the tube. Generally speaking, to delay the preheating time, we should select the relatively lower resistance, taller Tc point and bigger PTC Thermistor.Filament material will be sputtered seriously if the filament of energy-saving lamps starting with high voltage without preheating anymore,cause lamp tubes black and scrap in advance! Use PTC thermistors MZ12 type, the filament will be preheated around 1 second in starting, and then add high voltage to lit the lamp, can prevent black of the tube ends effectively,can also prevent components of lamps and lanterns lines such as audion from impact of starting instant large current and high back voltage,can prolong lamp life 10 times more.

1.Preheating soft start components can greatly increase the switch times and service life,and quality is reliable;
2.No temperature-increasing or power-consuming after preheating;
3.Can prolong lamp life 10 times more;
4.PTC switching life can pass over 100,000 times;
5.Resistance doesn't drift in normal temperature;

Choose guidelines of intelligent preheat starting PTCR for electronic ballasts and energy-saving lamps:
1.PTC thermistor Curie temperature can not be too low that above 100℃ is advisable because high temperature of the energy-saving lamps in the work. Otherwise time delay of start will be too short that could not rise to preheating effect;
2.when single capacitor in the start line, PTCR is required to withstand high voltage,usually above 800 V;
3.PTC thermistor with resistance of high rate can get a huge increase in reliability,which should be chosen preferentially in the meet under the premise of startup
4.Must consider in low-temperature start, at low temperatures, the PTC thermistor heat balance resistance relatively low, may cause tubes don't start;
5. PTC thermistor switch life over 100000 times is much better;
6.Preheat time can't less than 0.4 seconds;
7.the power consumption of PTC thermistor need conform to the relevant provisions.

Marking of Model Number:

1.PTC thermistor
2.Series: intelligent preheat starting PTCR for electronic ballasts and energy-saving lamps
3.Varistor chip size::05-Φ5mm
4.Varistor voltage:151-150+/-10V
5.thermistor chip size: 3-Φ3mm
6.PTCR curie temperature:F-55℃       H-75℃         N-105℃
7.PTCR resistance101-100Ω、332-3300Ω

1.The model marked as " *  " also suitable for tube T5,T8;
2.Except for models shown as above,we can also design and produce other intelligent PTC thermistor according to customer's required specification .
You can send us required specifications to info@dxmht.com or provide reference samples to our factory office:
        Attention:Ivan Wong
And then samples&orders can be custom made per your requirement.