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Product name: PTC thermistor for time delay of lighting&ballast,MZ11 series

Item: MZ3/MZ5

PTC thermistor for time delay of lighting&ballast

Brief Introduction:
PTCR for time delay of lighting&ballast,which are applicable to various types of fluorescent lamp,electronic ballast,electronic energy-saving lamp and digital multi-meters.it can change hard stard of the ballast and electronic energy-saving lamp to pre-heated stard and preheating time of the filament can come up to 0.4-2.0 seconds,which can greatly prolong service life of the fluorescent tube by over 4 times.


PTC Thermistor Application:
1. Various types of fluorescent lamp
2. Electronic ballast
3. electronic energy-saving lamp

PTC Thermistor Working principle:
When the high frequency shaking circuit loop is switched on, because PTC is in normal temperature state and Rt is in a low state, its resistance value is far lower than C2 resistance, the light pressure is also smaller than that of starting it. Then the current through C1, Rt forms a return circuit to preheat the filament. Meanwhile, PTC Thermistor is heated to above the Curie temperature, Rt heating temperature exceeding the switch temperature TSW. After around 0.4-2 seconds,Rt skips into high resistance state of far higher than C2 resistance.And the current goes through C1, C2 forming a return circuit and causing LC resonance and producing high voltage to light the fluorescent tube.

PTC Thermistor Selection Guide:
For a certain electronic ballast, energy-saving light, higher PTC thermistor resistance, smaller PTC ceramic body dimension, lower curie temperature, will lead to its lower power consumption, shorter preheating time,conversely, larger power consumption, longer preheating time.Generally speaking,we should select the PTC Thermistor with lower resistance, higher  curie temperature(Tc point) and bigger ceramic body dimension relatively to delay the preheating time.

1. Used in the frequent-switching,typical switching life can pass over 100,000 times;
2. High reliability, good performance of safety and stability;
3. Wide operating temperature range;
    -25 ~ +125℃(when V=0V)
    0~ +60℃(when V=Vmax)
4. The withstanding voltage can reach to over 420-1000VAC;
5. The resistance will not drift in normal temperature.
6. Small dimension 
7. Complete specifications
8. Stable delayed time

Dimension(Unit: mm):

Marking of Part Number:

1.Series: PTC thermistors for electronic ballast or energy-saving lamp starter
2.Chip size: 05-5mm
3.Curie temperature: H-75℃       N-100℃     P-120℃       K-125℃
4.R25 resistance:501-500Ω          222-2200Ω              332-3300Ω
5.Resistance tolerance:K+/-10%    M+/-20%    H+/-25%     N+/-30%
6.Max Voltage: 700-700V
7.Wire shape: S-Straight         A-Axis formed         U-In-formed

Specification & Part no.

Remarks:Except for the reference size and parameter above,different electrical parameter and encapsulation mode can be custom made per client's requirement.
You can send us required specifications to info@dxmht.com or provide reference samples to our factory office.And then samples&orders can be custom made per your requirement.