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Product name: Soldering leads PTCR for degaussing loop of colour TV chromoscope, MZ 71 series

Item: MZ71-7R/9R/12R/14R/18R/27R

Soldering leads PTCR for degaussing loop of colour TV /colour monitor chromoscope,MZ 71 series --MZ 71 12ohm

Brief Introduction:
MZ 71 series degaussing PTC thermistors are specially designed for application in automatic degaussing circuits of colour TV's,colour Monitors and other CRT degaussing loop etc.,which can eliminate image distortion,abnormal colour or irregular colour plaques caused by the stray magnetic field.With the characteristics of low residual current and good reliability.The trend of automatic degaussing PTC thermistors is developed to small size, low resistance,low residual current,high resistance to impact and high reliability.

Working principle:
degaussing PTC thermistor is using its current-time characteristics of the work. String of degaussing circuits, because very small initial resistance of PTC thermistor, big initial current through the degaussing coil that produce a powerful alternating magnetic field in the coil. PTC thermistor resistance then rise due to its own fever, the current in the circuit will be attenuation gradually, and make the coil alternating magnetic field also weakens to achievedegaussing purpose.

In order to eliminate image distortion,abnormal colour or irregular colour plaques caused by the stray magnetic field, automatic degaussing loop is designed for colour TVs and colour Monitors,which is combined with PTC thermistors and degaussing coil. Its principle is incentiving energy when turning on each time, and then removed energy gradually after normal operation, which can effect electron beam by partial coil, and do not suffer influence of any outside stray magnetic field.PTC thermistor is in low resistance state when connecting to power, large current is formed in the degaussing coil, more than 350 At magnetic line of force, can eliminate the influence of stray magnetic field effectively. With the PTC thermistors into high resistance state under the influence of high current, the loop current to be attenuation automatically, residual current is very small that like open circuit approximately, reduced to 0.03 At magnetic line of force,to the acceptable limits under normal operation.

1.Large inrush current;
2.Low residual current;
3.High withstand voltage;
4.High resistance to impact;
5.Excellent long-term reliability;
6.Stable performance range;
7.Low power consumption;
8.Small size suits for PCB;
9.No junction or noise,long using life;.
10.can control current well without other controller

Dimension(Unit: mm):

Marking of Part Number:

1.series: PTC thermistor for CRT's degaussing loop of colour TV / colour monitor MZ7 series
   1-soldering leads type
   2-encased type(single-element)
   3-encased type(double-element)
3.rated zero power resistance:18R-18Ω, 9R-9Ω
4.tolerance of resistance:M-+/-20%, V-+/-25%,  X-+30%/-20%
5.max. operating voltage:270-270VAC      140-140VAC 
6.special code: R-compliance with RoHS(e.g. Pb free).

Specification & Part no. 

Remarks:Except for the reference size and parameter above,different electrical parameter and encapsulation mode can be custom made per client's requirement.
You can send us required specifications to info@dxmht.com or provide reference samples to our factory office:
        Attention:Ivan Wong
And then samples&orders can be custom made per your requirement.