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Ceramic heater Brief Introduction:
PTC ceramic heater is a kind of self-regulating heating element,common curie temperature widely made by us from 50℃ to 320℃.Different application,different
curie temperature required by customers,which could be adjusted by different formula.

Ceramic heater application:
1.Automobile electronics: Ceramic heater providing constant temperature, such as fan heater for Automobile
2.Home appliances: air-conditioners,drier PTC heater, dryer, warm and cold air-conditioner,central air-conditioner, warm air generator

Ceramic heater Advantages:
1.Stable,very high electric conversion efficiency;
2.long natural life
3.Different shape could be chose such as circle type and squre type
4.Stable output temperature
5.Can provide self-regulating heating
6.Suitable for clamp-contacting
7.Different specification and size for customers' choice
8.RoHS compliance,secure and environmental protection

Ceramic heater dimension:

Main electronic parameter of PTC ceramic heater:
1.Surface Temperature of PTC ceramic heater: 50-320C.
2.Operating voltage 6 V -480V,special application could be up to 800 V.
3.R25 Resistance @ 25℃:1-5000Ω

Remarks:Different electrical parameter and encapsulation mode can be custom-made per client's requirement.
You can send required specifications to info@dxmht.com for more details.