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Product Application:

SMD Varistor• Suppression of inductive switching or other transient events such as EFT
• On-board transient voltage protection for ICs and transistors
• Help achieve electromagnetic compliance of end products
• Replace larger surface mount TVS Zeners in many applications
• Electronic products such as Set-top box,Power system,Scanner,Handheld devices,Digital video,Motherboard/notebook computer


• Leadless Chip EIA Size: 0402,0603,0805,1206,1210,1812 and 2220
• Multilayer Ceramic Construction Technology
• High surge suppression capability
• Stable protection performance
• Long life time stability
• Low leakage current
• Bidirectional and symmetrical V/I characteristics
• Variable capacitance
• Wide Operating Temperature Range
• Wide storage temperature Range
• Wide operating Voltage Range: VM(DC) = 5.5V to 120V
• Small size, ease of installation
• Quick response
• Heat resistant and moisture-proof performance is good;
• Wide application;
• Green products,RoHS-compatible, lead-free and Halogen Free (HF)

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